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Signconex premium notice boards flash temp

Welcome to Signconex Ltd.

Manufacturing Quality Products since 1973

We have been manufacturing premium notice boards, whiteboards, pin boards and information displays for over 40 years, and are the market leader in exterior notice boards through the SCROLL and Varicase brands.

Renowned for our quality, style and durability, we also have the widest range of notice board mountings of all UK manufacturers. Whether you need your information displayed on a wall, in a window, on railings or as a free standing display, we offer an extensive selection of notice boards to suit you.

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The term notice board encompasses pin boards, whiteboards, magnetic whiteboards and drywipe boards. In addition to this it can also describe a more advanced information display such as: an exterior notice board (also known as an external notice board or outdoor notice board).

We understand that the location of your notice board can greatly affect the role it has to play and as such design our notice boards around the specification required in each setting. For example our exterior notice boards come complete with superior weather resistance, vandal resistance, and optional illumination. Our interior boards are available with key lockable or tamperproof glazing, excellent fire resistance ratings, and a premium 13mm board core for long life and improved pin fixing.

Additionally, our range of FREE specification alternatives and optional extras, allow our products to be tailored to perform effectively in a diverse range of locations including offices, schools, cinemas, factories, hotels, parks, hospitals, restaurants, shops and churches.

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  • Made Exclusively in the UK

    Made Exclusively in the UK

    All products are made exclusively in
    the UK in our factory just south of Bristol, England. With over 40 years' manufacturing expertise, we specialise in producing high quality, changeable information displays.

    Made from premium grade materials, our products are renowned for their style and durability and are supplied with a full 1 year guarantee as standard.

    We also specialise in tailoring our products to suit your image, application or location by offering custom sizes and mountings, as well as the widest range of frame finishes, inserts and branding options of any UK manufacturer.