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Office Notice Boards

We manufacture a wide range of notice boards for offices and factories:

Office notice boards are essential in communicating all kinds of important information to staff and employees, as well as displaying corporate information to customers and clients within the public areas of your establishment.

We provide a wide range of premium interior and exterior office notice boards and whiteboards, which fulfil most applications required within an office environment.

Additionally we specialise in tailoring our notice boards to fulfil bespoke applications including:

  • employee photo boards
  • health and safety information boards
  • memo boards
  • official company documentation boards
  • bulletin boards
  • fire safety board
  • roll call board and much more

Our printed whiteboards are a new product where a bespoke graphic is applied to to the whiteboard surface, whilst maintaining its dry-wipe ability.

This new technique is an excellent way of managing office or production data that is updated regularly. Most graphics are based on a table or grid format which when used with dry wipe pens allows information to be updated quickly and easily, and be viewed by many. Printed whiteboards are a

very effective way of maximising the efficiency of your production or sales teams. Some examples we have manufactured include:

  • sales targets boards
  • lean manufacturing boards
  • project planning boards
  • performance indicator board
  • production schedule board

Click here to see some photo examples of our printed whteboards

As well as serving a practical purpose, notice boards also form part of your brand identity, especially those in public areas of your organisation, which contribute to how your company is viewed by customers and clients. A premium and professional looking notice board that reflects your corporate image, branding and colours, is an excellent way to reinforce your marketing message.

With over 100 frame finishes, inserts, fabrics, colours, as well as a range of premium branding techniques and bespoke product extras (e.g. integrated business card / leaflet holders), you can create a notice board that suits you.

Click here to see some examples of our premium branding techniques

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