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Notice Boards for Parks and Shopping Centres

We manufacture a wide range of notice boards for parks, shopping centres and village greens:

Exterior park and community notice boards are a great way to inform local people of relevant local news and local events.

Park notice boards are a traditional source of displaying local information and help to provide a sense of community in both rural and urban areas. Park notice boards can also present the history of a park and its facilities, as well as identifying areas of interest and walking routes.

Public notice boards are used in shopping areas, town centres and outside town halls to provide official town or local authority news. They can also be used to show a map of the various sections of the town centre, shopping area or even to specific shops via an A-Z shops list.

These are generally post mounted notice boards, which can be supplied for either exterior or interior post fitting.

Village notice boards are a great means of informing local residents of upcoming events. A village notice board can often become a central hub for village life and give the opportunity for information to be communicated quickly, easily and cheaply.

The majority of these notice boards are post mounted so they can be installed in the prime location of the town, village or shopping centre. All of our exterior notice boards, available in wall, post, rail and stand mounted versions, feature superior vandal and weather resistance.

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